Our Team

Our Team

Meet Our Talented Barbers




The girl with the magic touch.
You want to make sure that you're styling?
You want to make sure you 
look fresh?
Then have a seat in her chair and leave a better man.



Alex, Hailing from the west coast, brings his own style to the shop.
He is a man of few words preferring to let his cuts do the talking.



15000….   15000 what? Cuts. 

That's the number he figured when he started. 15000 cuts and you can consider
yourself a legit barber. You need it for experience and to develop superior skill, 
So he got started.
Along the way you stop thinking about being great and all that, you get past the
silliness of it all, then, after, you realize that’s what you are.
You learn a lot of things on the way to 15000.

None more important than this... The best fades possible.



Here we have the Wall Street girl. Mentored and trained by the famed
Nick Arrojo in New York City, Then morphing into strictly men’s hair by
training with Fleichman’s men's salon in NYC and opening a new location
for them on the upper West side.

Obtained her Master Barber’s License in
NYC as well as being a fully licensed cosmetologist in both the USA and
Canada, we are lucky to have her at Barber Culture to not only cater to those
who desire the Classic scissor cut, but for those who want something a bit
edgy as well.



A touch of the exotic from the Middle East -
Introducing the Beast from the East as our latest addition to our team.
Come to Barber Culture and lay back in his chair and watch the magic happen before your eyes.

Abe pretty much rounds out our multi-racial,
multi-cultural united nations of barbers bringing his fine skills to our shop.



The freshest fades all day, we have Jalen showing everyone why Barber Culture
has the best barbers. Looking to get a second date or nail that job interview?
Well, we have the man you need right here.

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