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About Us

Calgary Barbers have memories like an elephant. As you visit a first rate barber regularly they will become familiar with the intricacies of your hair and the contours of your head and will know how to style and cut your hair to perfection. You will be able to walk in and simply ask for “the usual.”

The perfect barbershop is an oasis of gentlemanly calm amidst the white noise of contemporary life. Ringing iPhones, endless meetings, zombie like colleagues, other demands on your time and space and not to mention sanity…sometimes a man needs an escape. A restorative sanctuary if you will.

Behold Barber Culture: half gentlemen’s club half psychiatric couch but all self indulgence. A place one can sit, think, and just be. To top this off you emerge as a new and improved you, with a dapper haircut or a close cutthroat shave, smelling good, feeling tingly, and looking immaculate. Ready to face the beeping phone again. Pampered by hot towels and aglow from a relaxing yet rejuvenating experience. The world seems a more tolerable place.

Our Team



15000…. 15000 what? Cuts.
That’s the number he figured when he started. 15000 cuts and you can consider yourself a legit barber. You need it for experience and to develop superior skill, So he got started. Along the way you stop thinking about being great and all that, you get past the silliness of it all, then, after, you realize that’s what you are.

You learn a lot of things on the way to 15000.
None more important than this... The best fades possible.



Alex, Hailing from the west coast, brings his own style to the shop. He is a man of few words preferring to let his cuts do the talking.

D Boy

D Boy

D Boy, the life of the party with his infectious laugh and on-point sense of humor. Oh, Did we mention his cutting skills?
Yeah that’s on point as well!



The freshest fades all day, we have Jalen showing everyone why Barber Culture has the best barbers. Looking to get a second date or nail that job interview?
Well, we have the man you need right here.

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